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Very Disturbing E-mail from Concern Citizens

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here are e-mails and or letters from relatives and friends

Remark: At the middle of the Quarry, there is a huge tractor (approximately an equivalent to the size of the largest house in Ternate).
Date: 6-13-07
Greetings Mr. Andy Huerto:
I just visited your webpages especially regarding the landfill... The members of our (Name of the Club-To be Kept Confidential) visited the area of the quarry last Monday (6-11-07) and they did heared a lot of noise coming from the chain saw and huge trees falling. Apparently, there is much "activity" going on. Even though we aren't from Cavite, we are much disturbed with the damage being done in your area. We sympathize with you and your efforts to try to discontinue the quarry. Mr. XXXXX, our club president did get in touch with you sometime ago I just learned.
Perhaps something can be worked out... perhaps we can assist one way or another. Let's keep each other posted.
Name on File (Confidential)
Vice President, (Name is Confidential)  Club of the Philippines

This is the Ternate Mountain before the Quarry


SAPANG,Ternate Cavite:

World famous Puerto Azul, Caylabne Bay Resorts, Proclamation 1594 otherwise known As National Park, Proclamation 1572-A known as Naval Reservation, Proposed Ternate - Nasugbu Batangas Road, Resolution no. 40 ng Sangguniang Panlalawigan ng Cavite, mga residente at mamayan ng cavite,, ito ay ilan lamang sa mga magigiging apektado ng panukalang dumpsite na ilalagay sa lugar  ng Ternate Cavite.


SP Resolution no. 40 at Proclamation  1520,  Binalewala ng Department of Tourism sa Issue ng Landfill sa Cavite.


DENR, “Tagilid na naman ang sitwasyon sa Cavite”

BRGY. SAPANG,- Nalalagay na naman ngayon sa alanganin ang D.E.N.R. sa Cavite particular na ang PENRO at CENRO dahil sa kanila nakasalalay ang kahihinatnan ng may 40 ektaryang lupa na sakop ng National Park batay sa TERNATE CADASTRAL MAP na aprobado ng Bureau of Land, noong1978. At ayon naman sa Bureau of Forest Management ito ay deklaradong Timber Land area.


Sa kabila ng meron ng Cease & Decease Order ang DENR, sa operasyon ng Cav Deal dahil sakop ng National Park. Pagwasak sa mga kabundukan ng Ternate patuloy pa rin. JSD

Contributed by: OPHIR-The fearless Newsletter in Saudi Arabia


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