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This page is dedicated to those talented student and kids of Ternate

Red Rose, Spinning

Into the
Sky I looked
Into the window
And smile. Waiting
For the darkness to
Show, I felt that time is
Running slow. I feel excited when they shine.
I see many of them in the sky.   They are like particles of sand.
I wish I could touch them with my bare
Hand. These things that I can see at night twinkle and shine
So bright. They have different colors and types,
Maybe yellow, orange, red, blue or white. Why
I love them, you may ask. For millions of years
They can last. They guide my way and
Keep me safe from being lost when
Traveling late. A sun is a star if you
Don’t know. It gives us energy to grow.
Without it we would not survive and there
Will be no existing life. Give importance to these stars for they stay with
You for hours. Giving your needs to outlive by
Giving you light
And heat.
By: Jerikah Ann B. Vallesfin

Knight Pointing Right


CONTRIBUTED BY; KENNETH E. AGUARAN grade two student at Parang Elementary School

Edited by: Analiza Vallesfin

Date: 10-25-06




Isang malugod na pagbati sa lahat ng mga nandirito ngayon at isang pagpapala sa poong maykapal at tayo’ tinipon sa umagang ito sa iisang layunin. Ang pagtutol sa LANDFILL IN TERNATE.


Ang bayang ng Ternate ay hindi po bayang sinilangan ng aming pamilya pero dito na kami naninirahan kaya kami ng mga magulang ko ay pusong taga Ternate di man po kami dugong Ternatenyo pero pusong Ternatenyo na po kami kaya lubos kaming nalungkot sa pagkakaalam na dito sa bayang ito itatayo and LANDFILL. Ang Bayang ito ay sagana sa yaman ng kalikasan tulad ng sariwang isda na isa sa pangunahing hanapbuhay ng mga taga rito ang pangingisda. Magandang tanawin na na kaakit-akit sa mga turista na isa sa mga pag-asa naming mga kabataan na magbibigay daan sa aming magandang bukas tulad ng trbahao at oportunidad na aming makamit sa pamamagitan ng CAYLABNE BAY RESORT AT PUERTO AZUL.


Lahat ay halos apektado sa LANDFILL na ito di man ngayon pero sa mga bukas na darating kaya paano ang kabataan na sinasabi ng ating Pambansang BAYANI na si Dr. JOSE RIZAL na pag-asa ng bayan. Ako po ay nagsusumamo sa lahat ng mga namumuno sa bayang ito ay magkaisa sana na TUTULAN ang LANDFILL. Kung kami man ang siyang pag-asa sa bayan kayo naman pong mga namumuno ang aming pag-asa sa aming maliwanag na bukas. Paanon kami lalago at yayabong kung ngayon pa lamang ay tinatanggalan na ninyo kami ng unti-unting ugat na kakapitan.


Masdan po ninyo ang aming kapaligiran kung meron pa bang Ilog at Dagat na lalanguyan ang aming henerasyon ngayon at bukas.







22 September 2006


Sorry for the late notice. I had been very busy during the week, and I

even had

to cram this acronym in an already crammed schedule.


I had it written in Tagalog so that many people would understand.


Here goes:


T  -    Ternate, bayang kayganda

U  -    Unti-unting sinasalanta

T  -    Tuluyan nga bang mawawala

O  -    O Diyos, ang yamang pálang

L  -    Labis naming natatamasa?


B  -    Basura'y paaanurin sa laot

A  -    Kumalat sa Aplaya hanggang sa Pook?

S  -    Sakit at dusa, lipos ng poot

U  -    Uusig sa bayang mababalot-

R  -    Rumi sa dungis ng salimuot!

A  -    Ano pa ang bukas na sa'mi'y kakatok?



May mga isesend pa po ako kapag nakaisip pa po ako ng mga idea.


Alexis Ian P. Dela Cruz

BA Political Science


Ian, a second year college student of UP Diliman taking up political science

Each Generation Writes It’s Own History

By: KIM LESTER O. PORTO- a 4th year high school student of Bucal science high school, born and raised in Ternate, Cavite

Edited by: Analiza Vallesfin

Date: 10-25-06


Each generation writes it’s own history our forebears have written theirs with fortitude and excellence, we the. The youth must write ours we have the power to renew the vision of greatness for our country. It is the vision of our people rising above the routine to face formidable challenges and do over come theirs. It means a rigorous pursuit of excellence but where is the right of everyone; all the voices said that they strongly disagree about the landfill in Ternate. The government must know that they act as a guardian of the laws majesty, the source of justice to weak and solace to the underprivileged, a ready friend and protector of the common man and instrument of this advancement and not captivity. So in every decision there must be a good result that makes people happy.        


In case of the issue about the landfill in Ternate, our government has chosen money truly; it can be a great help for our nation, which has depth of vision. It deals not only with a particular segment of Filipino society and its problem, but also poses universal questions about the human condition.


The view of youth may be opposite to the government. If they will allow throwing garbage in Ternate then there will be a great effects and changes to our town. We all know that we are the source of seafood’s and fishes, which are highly productive. Most of the people lived in Ternate fishing is their job. They sacrificed their life just to raise their family in poverty. It means that our river will be affected once the chemicals produced and released by the garbage then it can cause marine life to die and put them in danger. Our environment is very nice and good enough to us. But it can be change to a dirty and messy place because of garbage. Our surrounding can be wasted if only if they will let Ternate as a dumpsite in Cavite. So as a youth, we must do the right thing to prove that Ternate can move on and can be said that it is going to be a progressive place as soon as possible, don’t allow the bad influence win because we have the strength and let us encourage people to STOP LANDFILL IN OUR PLACE. Don’t lose hope because god helps us to succeed on every failure and trials that will come to our life.      






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