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All the Landfill will Fail

open this website for more information: http://www.zerowasteamerica.org








Isang araw ang nakalipas at isang gabing ang nangyari na nagising sa mahimbing na pagkakatulog ang iba nating mga mahal na nanunungkulan sa lokal na pamahalaang bayan at nasiglayan nila ay isang maliwanag na katotohanan na ang paggagawa at paghahanda ng isang lugar na pagtatapunan ng basura ay isang kahangalan.

Ito ay isang dahilan upang ang nauna nilang pagsuporta sa paniniwalang makakatulong ito sa kaunlaran ng bayan ay maunawaan nila na malaking kamalian.

Ngayon na nasiglayan at natanto nila ang kapaparoonan ng pagtalipandas sa ating magandang kabundukan at kagubatan na syang naging tahanan ng mga luntian halamanan at nanahimik na naggagandahang hayop tulad ng ibon, usa, alamid, labuyo at ibat-iba pang bagay, buong tapang sila ay humaharap upang ang karapatan at kalagayan ng nangangailangan ay mabigyan tamang hakbang. 



Landfills affect on the Environment 

    Landfills present a clear and present potential threat to human health as well as a threat to our environment.  As noted even the best landfill liners will leak…”82% of surveyed landfill cells had leaks while 41% had a leak area of more than 1 square feet, “ according to Leak Location Services, Inc. (LLSI) website (March 15, 2000). This is an alarming statistic considering that in addition to leakage, landfills also provide problems to our health and environment through hazardous contaminated air emissions. Over ten toxic gases are released from landfills especially the toxic gas of methane gas. Methane gas is a naturally occurring gas created by the decay of organic matter inside a landfill. As it is formed, it builds up pressure and then begins to move through the soil. In a recent study of 288 landfills, off-site migration of gases, including methane was detected at 83% of these sites. (REHM)

     When a new municipal landfill is proposed, advocates of the project always emphasize that “no hazardous wastes will enter these landfill.”  Studies have shown that even though municipal landfills may not legally receive “hazardous” wastes, the leachate they produce is as dangerous as the leachate from hazardous waste landfills.

Thanks to stopwmx.org, zerowassteamerica.org, asce.org for their contribution to educated and pass their knowledge that will help the people of Ternate Cavite to know all the adverse affect of the landfill.

Landfills Leak   www.stopwmx.org/liner.html
Landfills: Hazardous to the Environment. 
Soild waste conditions. ASCE. Report. www.asce.org/reportcard
The Basics of Landfills: How they are constructed and why they fail

Pahru na Casa-Nina

If you're concern about the health, especially to those people of Ternate and surrounding town the wildlife, river, sea, and natural resources, please do something, act now before it's too late.... .... find someone who can put a stop on this..... Do not let someone sell your soul nor abuse your right.... Loving your town (Ternate) is not a hard thing to do.... Keep Bhara; nice and clean, free of dirt and chemical.... prevent big trash truck and LST or landing barge from running back and forth the town..... Prevent the dirty truck from spreading diseases and staining our road.

By: Andy R. Huerto

this how it looks before starting the landfill

This is an example of landfill

this is just an example of trash for landfill


"First, even the best liner and leachate collection system will ultimately fail due to natural deterioration, and recent improvements in MSWLF containment technologies suggest that releases may be delayed by many decades at some landfills. For this reason, the Agency is concerned that while corrective action may have already been triggered at many facilities, 30 years may be insufficient to detect releases at other landfills."

Thanks to http://www.zerowasteamerica.org

Animated Backhoe


Open trash dumps are now prohibited all over RP; Cavite mayors air concern




TRECE MARTIRES CITY — Cavite mayors have expressed concern about a possible garbage crisis that may come about as a result of a ban on the operations of open and controlled garbage dumps.

The enforcement of the ban began last Feb. 16 when the deadline for the use of open and controlled dumps expired.

Almost all municipalities and cities in Cavite are maintaining either open or controlled garbage dumps.

Fears of a widespread garbage crisis loom amid reports that the groundbreaking rites for a multi-million-peso sanitary landfill in Barangay Sapang, Ternate, will not be held as scheduled.

Engineer Rolly Pozas, head of the provincial environment and natural resources office (PENRO), said the contractor-operator of the proposed landfill project has yet to comply with requirements for the issuance of an environment compliance certificate (ECC).

"The project should have started (in the) middle of February but it has to be moved either to the last week of March or early May because the contractor has yet to conduct consultation with the affected residents and other stakeholders. After this, it is all systems go," he said.

Under the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 9003, also called the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, all local government units (LGUs) in the country are prohibited to build or maintain trash dumps other than sanitary landfills after Feb. 16, 2006.

The law penalizes violators with a fine of R500,000 plus five to 10 percent of the "annual income during the period."

Also, second-time offenders face imprisonment of not more than three years.

In an interview, Tanza Mayor Raymundo A. del Rosario, president of Cavite Mayors League (CML), said he could not imagine what kind of trouble the mayors, not only in Cavite but also in the whole country, would run into if Republic Act 9003 is strictly enforced.

He said that as far as he knows, there are only three operating sanitary landfills in the country whose designs and built strictly conform with the specifications mandated by law. These are the landfills in Puerto Prinsesa City (Palawan), Cebu City, and Metro Clark, in Pampanga.

"The mayors could hardly comply with the deadline set by law. However, we recognize the fact that the law is the law, albeit harsh. And as public officials, we are bound to enforce it. We will file an application for closure and start designing our dumpsites in accordance with the provisions of the Act," Del Rosario said.

Del Rosario also said that the mayors will try to prevent a possible garbage crisis by disposing household wastes in a manner that would not violate the law.

Pozas said that the mayors may still be allowed to utilize their present trash dumps even after the deadline and until the sanitary landfill becomes operational.

"Provided, however, they have to initiate efforts in order to rehabilitate the dumps under the supervision of their respective environment officials," he said.

Meanwhile, Cavite Gov. Ayong Maliksi said that the provincial government will not spend a single centavo for the establishment of the state-of-the-art sanitary landfill.

He said that the contractor-operator, Environ Safe Inc. which is a subsidiary of Cavite Ideal Construction Corp., will solely finance the project and operate it once it is finished.

The contractor would be allowed to charge tipping fee in accordance with the terms and conditions to be promulgated by the provincial government, Malliksi said.


Thanks to Mr.Mandy Francisco for this article

I received a report from reliable source that in the near future there will be a public hearing regarding the landfill plan in Sapang Ternate.

To anyone who want to support the anti-landfill plan in Ternate.

If you want to support the anti-landfill (Dumpsite) plan...please keep intouch... if you wish, I will keep your name confidential (Please say confidential).

Please contact me.... Andy R. Huerto or send an e-mail to andyhuerto@yahoo.com


The report came to me.... there was a meeting last July 24, 2006 in the Municipal Hall of Ternate regarding the landfill.


Coincident the meeting in California is the same time of the Meeting in Ternate Municipal Hall.



Incase you have comments, suggestion and information about the landfill issue, you can type in this window and it will send the message to my e-mail address...thanks.. andy r. huerto (co-leader of Concerned Ternate Citizen Group).

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