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2012 – 2014 Officers

Congratulations to our 2012 – 2014 Officers.

  • President – Edwin H. Monteagudo
  • Vice-President – Jesse Federico
  • Secretary – Bemmy Diones
  • Treasurer – Lourdes Diones
  • Auditor – Archie Huerto
  • PRO – Michael Cercado
  • Assistant PRO - Danilo Cercado Jr.
  • Sgt of Arms – Edilou Catamisan
  • Membership Committee
    • Kay Balza
    • Gerlie Cercado
    • Erwin De Ocampo
    • Jennette Hernandez

Board of Directors

  • Pacing Lozano
  • Jun Ronquillo
  • Andy Huerto
  • Eleanor Piol
  • Lorenzo Angeles
  • Dan Lee


  • Lauro Catipon
  • Sonny Bengo
  • Fe Abales
  • Grace Aguilar
  • Ricardo Federico

President’s Message

Welcome to the newly developed Ternate Association of USA website.

I am humbled and honored to be elected as the President of the Ternate Association of USA for 2012-2014. On behalf of the executive board, I believe that we have a great team to lead our association in our efforts to upgrade the quality of the lives of Ternateņos and to preserve our rich cultural heritage. As we embark in the next two years, I encourage Ternateņos to provide their support in our upcoming endeavors all in the spirit of continued advancement of our member’s interests, including our kababayan in Ternate, Cavite who may need our assistance.

As part of our initial activities, we recently established this new website for everyone to be informed of our current activities, meeting minutes, and upcoming projects. This website will also serve as a link to employment opportunities, elderly care, and other services needed by our members. We also developed a mission statement to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of our association’s purpose. I am happy to announce that our new mission statement is “To Enrich the Lives of Ternateņos and To Preserve our Cultural Heritage.” We believe that this statement clearly defines who we are and the progressive steps that we take to achieve our goals.

For the executive board’s consideration, I also encourage everyone to provide us their input (by completing the comment section box below) on how to better serve our community and our members in the years ahead. Everyone is also welcome to attend our monthly meeting held every first Saturday of each month. The monthly meeting provides everyone an opportunity to offer suggestions and comments, as well as, to observe the camaraderie shared by association members.

I would also like to thank the former officers, especially Ms. Fe Lagos Abales and
Ms. Grace Federico Aguilar for holding down the fort the last few years. We look forward to their further support in the upcoming years.

Thank for your visiting our website. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Maraming Salamat Po,

Edwin H. Monteagudo

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